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Documents and Certificates

How do I know how many signature lines I should put on my document?
We have found that you should include signature lines for about 75% of the number of guests that you expect. It is not necessary to include signature lines for everyone, since couples will sign together.
Are the signature lines printed on the document?
The signature lines are penciled in lightly after the document is printed. You should erase them after your guests have finished signing the document.
Can I erase the guest signature lines?
We recommend using a white Sanford Magic Rub eraser. They can be found at any Staples or Office Depot office store, and only cost a dollar or two. DO NOT USE A PINK ERASER. It will stain the paper.
Can I submit my own text to be used on the document?

Yes. Please email the text to or submit the text on the order form. We also have a large selection of Vows and Verses online.

What is the best way to have my guests sign the document?
You should lay the document on a large flat table in a relatively low traffic area. Your guests should sign the document left-to-right across the document. This way, at the end of the ceremony, you will not have a half-full column on the right side.
How are documents and certificates shipped?
Documents and certificates are shipped rolled in a hard plastic tube. When they are received, they should be taken out and laid on a flat surface. They should uncurl themselves within a few hours. A warm iron may be used on the back of the document if needed.

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