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What is the difference between a card style, tent style, and restaurant style menu?
A card style menu is the most common. It is a flat card with printing on one side. A tented menu is one that will have a fold at the top of the menu. It is printed on both sides and will stand on the table on its own. Tented menus are used most frequently as cocktail or bar menus. Restaurant style menus are menus with a cover page that usually has the bride and groom's name, the reception location, the date, and a monogram. The menu is folded, and when you open it up, the menu items will be displayed on the right side.
What is the layout and design fee used for?
The layout and design fee is a one-time charge used to cover the time it takes to create the menu and make any changes to it thereafter. Each menu card is sold on a per-piece basis after that.
Do I provide each guest with a menu, or use one per table?
If ordering card style or restaurant style menus, you should provide each guest with a menu. People usually fold the menu card into a napkin and place it on the plate at their table. If you decide to use tented menus, you will use one or two per table, depending on how large your tables are.

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