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Ordering and Proofing Process

Do you offer colored text?
We can print the text in color if requested. We recommend that smaller text be printed in black or another dark color. It is very difficult to read small text if it is printed in color.
What happens after I submit the order form?
Once we receive the order form, we will send you an initial proof within 1-2 business days. You may reply to the email containing the proof with any changes that you would like to see made. Alternatively, you may call us at (518) 668-4334 with changes.
Am I obligated to purchase anything after I place an order?
You're not obligated to purchase anything after placing an order. If you do not wish to proceed with an order, you can simply ignore the initial email we send with your proof, or you may reply with an email stating you are not interested in continuing with your order.
How will proofs be sent?

Our updated system allows you to view your proofs online in the My Account section. Proofs are also sent via email as an image attachment. To guarantee delivery, you should add to your address book. We do not send proofs by mail or fax.

How long does the proofing process generally last?
Most people will be done within 4-5 business days. Some others will only take a day, and still others will take two weeks. It depends on how quickly you reply to proofs with changes, how many changes there are, and how busy we are at the moment.
How do I make changes to the proofs you sent me?

The easiest way is to simply reply to the emails we send. Please specify exactly what you would like changed and we will reply as soon as possible with an updated proof. You may also send and email to with changes.

Can I call you to make changes to the proofs you sent me?

Although we prefer that you email your changes, you may choose to call us Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm eastern hours at (518) 668-4334. Changes may also be emailed to

Can you make all of the products I ordered match each other?
It is our general practice to match all of your products unless specifically requested to do otherwise. This includes matching any monograms, illustrations, borders, fonts and colors.
Can you create custom designs?
Custom illustrations are available upon request and when time permits. There is an additional fee, which we will notify you of when we know exactly what it is you would like created.
I found a design elsewhere, can you copy it?
Due to ethical concerns and copyright laws, it's unlikely that we will be able to copy works that you have found elsewhere. However, should you like us to create a similar product, we are happy to create a unique product for you using a similar style or design elements. Custom products often do require a small fee that will be assessed upon creation of your first proof.
Can I send you a color swatch by mail for you to match?

We can match nearly any color except for metallic colors. Please send your color swatches to:

Documents and Designs
32 Sewell Street
Lake George, NY 12845

Please try to send us a solid color swatch.


Business Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST


Telephone: (518) 707-3627

Address: 32 Sewell Street
Lake George, New York 12845

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