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Place Cards

Can I purchase blank place cards?
Yes, we do sell place cards both with and without the guest names printed on them. We will usually print a very faint line for you to write the guest names and seating assignment on the card should you choose to purchase blank place cards.
When should I send my guest list?
Please try and send your guest list 7-10 days prior to the celebration. If your guest list is not final at that point, please wait until it is final. We'd rather have a late guest list without changes than an early guest list that will require dozens of changes.
Can you print only the names, and leave a space for us to write in the seating assignment?
Yes, that is not a problem. We can design the cards however you wish.
What does an assortment of designs mean?
Many of our designs have sets associated with them. For example, in our fall collection, we have over 30 different leaves to choose from. If you wanted to have one leaf signify the guests at table 1, and a different leaf for people sitting at table 2 we can do that. There is a small additional fee for place card assortments.
What is the difference between card style and tent style place cards?
Tent style cards are the most common, with a fold at the top of the card. When it is placed on a table it will stand up on its own. Card style place cards are simply a flat card without a fold.
Can you print a quote or table number on the inside, or reverse side of the card?
Yes, please let us know on the order form that you need interior printing on the place card. There is a small additional fee to do this.

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