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Rush Orders

My wedding is this weekend and I forgot to order something. Can you help?
Absolutely! We are more than happy to accommodate your request, regardless of the situation. Sometimes there is a rush fee charged for late orders, but we can work with nearly any time frame.
How are rush orders shipped?
For late and last minute orders, we recommend using Fedex 2nd Day or Fedex Overnight services. We can even do Saturday morning deliveries if necessary. Obviously the cost of shipping will be a little higher, but we can accommodate nearly any time frame.
Is there a fee for rush orders?
In general, no, we do not charge a fee for a rush order. However, should your order require special accommodations on our end (i.e. a large order placed last minute) we may ask you to a pay a small convenience fee. If you are unsure if your order is considered a "rush order", just ask!
How quickly can you turn around an order?
Generally, from proofing to printing, it takes between 3 days to a week for an order to be completed. However, if you find that you need your order sooner, we can proof, print, and ship your order in the same day. There may be a rush fee charged for such circumstances, but we are happy to accommodate your request.
What is a rush fee?
A rush fee, or convenience fee, is a small fee we charge for orders that require special attention due to last minute ordering or last minute shipping. We do not often charge this fee, but sometimes feel it necessary in order to accommodate large orders placed very close to the celebration date. The charge is simply to offset the business (other customers) that has been shifted in order to ensure the prompt delivery of your order. This fee is generally no more than $25-$50 and will be added to your bill before payment is made.

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