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Seating Charts

When should I send you my guest list?
Please send us your finalized guest list 7-10 days prior to the celebration date, and you can expect a proof of the seating chart the same or following business day.
Can I place my order before I have my finalized guest list?
Yes. Please submit the order form when you have a design in mind, and we can finish the upper portion of the chart. When we receive your guest list, we can send you a proof the following day and wrap everything up.
Can you make a seating chart a different size?
Yes. We can create a seating chart in any size you need. Please let us know that you would like the chart to be a different size, and we'll be more than happy to accommodate you. Please note that after the seating chart has the guest list formatted on it, there would be a fee to change the size of the chart.
Can I add a reception hall map of tables to the seating chart?
Yes. You will need to send us an email or a fax with the map, and we will be more than happy to place it on the chart. There usually is a small fee for this service.
What additional options do I have for the seating chart?
The most common additions to a seating chart are the wedding party, the menu or schedule of evening events, a vow or verse or a site plan/map.
How should I display the seating chart?
You should purchase a 24" x 36" frame and place the seating chart inside of it. You do not need to get the seating chart matted.
Can I get an additional copy of the seating chart?
Yes, duplicate seating chart copies are $35.00.
How should I have my guest names listed on the seating chart?
If you have more than 75 guests coming to your wedding, you should list them alphabetically, not by table. Listing by table with a large guest list can make it very difficult for guests to find their names on the chart.
How is the seating chart shipped?
Seating charts are shipped in a hard plastic tube. When you receive it, you should remove the chart from the tube, and rest it on a hard flat surface for an evening and it should unroll itself. If needed, you can take a warm iron to the back of it to flatten it out immediately.
Do you sell frames or easels?
We do not sell frames or easels. The seating charts are sized to 24" x 36", a standard poster size, and it should be very easy to find a frame that size. We've found that most reception halls will have an easel that you can use.

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