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Table Cards

Can I place my order before I know how many table cards I will need?
Yes, at any time before we ship your order, you can change the quantity needed and we will update your billing appropriately.
What is the difference between card style and tent style table cards?
Card style table numbers, names, and memorabilia cards are a flat card, printed on one side with the design chosen. Tent style table cards are cards with a fold at the top, printed on both sides, and they will stand on the table on their own.
What does an "assortment" of designs mean on the order form?
Many of our designs have sets associated with them. For example, in our fall collection, we have over 30 different leaves to choose from. If you wanted to have a different leaf on each table card, then we could do that for a small additional fee.
How do I display table cards?
Tent style table cards can be displayed simply by placing them on the table, without any additional work. Card style table cards need to be placed in a frame or stand.
Do you sell frames or stands?
We do not sell frames or stands at this time. However, we use standard photo sizes for our cards, so finding a frame for them should not be difficult. You may try looking online, or check out your local craft store. Your reception hall may also have stands that you could use.
I am ordering memorabilia cards, how much information can I fit on them?
You can generally fit three to five average sized sentences on the memorabilia cards. If there are any problems, we will let you know.
Can I submit my own text for the memorabilia cards, or do I have to use your samples?
You are more than welcome to submit your own text. The samples you find online are there to be used as a reference to the types of information people may have included in the past.

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