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You may optionally upload a spreadsheet containing your guestlist and we will generate a Word document that you can print. Your file must be saved and uploaded as an Excel file or a CSV (comma delimited) file for this tool to work. Column A should be the guest name. Column B should contain the seating assignment (optional).


  • Double-check your Word document before you print it
  • You can make corrections to the Word document template after you download it
  • Replace 'and' with an ampersand (&) in your guestlist to gain a little extra room on each card
  • Reduce the font size a few points if you're having trouble fitting names on each card.
  • For fancier fonts, we recommend a larger type (~24 points) to maintain readability. Simpler typefaces can be as small as 13 or 14 points and still be easily readable.
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