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Q: How long does it take for a wedding certificate to be completed and shipped?

From start to finish, it takes 1-3 days total on average. We work around your schedule as much as possible, so if you need it sooner, please ask. Overnight and 2 Day shipping is available.

Q: What are the prices of Quaker certificates? What printing process do you use?

12" x 16" and smaller is $70.00, and anything larger is $105.00. The size of the certificate generally mostly depends on how many guest signature lines you need on the certificate. On average, we can fit about 15-20 lines on a 12" x 16" or smaller.

The certificates are printed on a heavy-weight, acid-free, watercolor paper with archival inks. The guest signature lines are penciled in lightly and should be erased after the ceremony.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally via FedEx or our postal service. FedEx can deliver in as little as one day to many addresses around the world.

Q: What type of pen would you recommend to use for writing the signatures?

We recommend an archival pen, such as a Sakura Pigma. These can be found on Amazon here. Signature lines are penciled in lightly, and we recommend using a white eraser to erase them after the ceremony. We recommend a Magic Rub eraser, which can be found pretty easily (Staples).

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