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Chevalier Wedding Menus

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The price quotes should only be thought of as an estimate. Much of the time it is 100% accurate. Once we receive the order form, we will send you a proof and a definitive total.

* Note: Payment is not required before we send a proof, so you're under no obligation to order if you decide that the price is out of your budget.


Card Style menus are the most common selection, and are a flat sheet, printed on one side

Tent Style menus are printed on both sides, will stand on their own, and are generally placed one or two per table.

Card Style/Double Sided menus will have printing on both sides. The information on the second side of the card can be a duplicate version of the menu, or may be anything else that you would like

Restaurant Style menus are folded like a program. There is usually a cover, an interior left page, and an interior right page.

Contemporary and Classic Menus
  • White
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Ivory
  • Gold
  • Light Gold
  • Bronze
  • Mango
  • Burnt Orange
  • Bubblegum
  • Fuschia
  • Coral
  • Ruby Red
  • Crimson
  • Cranberry
  • Burgundy
  • Baby Blue
  • Tiffany Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Royal Blue
  • Navy
  • Glaucous
  • Sage
  • Mint
  • Chartreuse
  • Kelly Green
  • Hunter Green
  • Forest Green
  • Periwinkle
  • Lavender
  • Lilac
  • Purple
  • Eggplant
  • Chocolate
  • Espresso
  • Taupe
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Paper Colors
If selecting a darker paper color (red, copper, blue, moss), it is highly recommended that all text be in black or darker color.
Pearl White (107# C)
Pearl White (107# C)
Champagne (107# C)
Champagne (107# C)
Sand (107# C)
Sand (107# C)
Gold (107# C)
Gold (107# C)
Silver (92# C)
Silver (92# C)
Pewter (107# C)
Pewter (107# C)
Copper (107# C)
Copper (107# C)
Red Satin (92# C)
Red Satin (92# C)
Blue Satin (92# C)
Blue Satin (92# C)
Violet Satin (92# C)
Violet Satin (92# C)
Lilac (107# C)
Lilac (107# C)
Moss (107# C)
Moss (107# C)
Custom Paper Size

in. in.

Signature Lines

Since couples will usually sign together, it is recommended that you have lines for 75% of the total number of guests at your celebration.

Print Guests

We may optionally print the guest names on each place card for you. In this case, we would hope to receive the guest list 5-10 days prior to the celebration date.

Double Sided Printing

Optionally, we can print the same design, or a message on the reverse of each favor tag.

Interior Printing

We can also print in the interior of each place card. Some people prefer the seating assignment inside the card.

Other Names

Use this field to enter any other names that may not have been appropriate for the fields above.

Certificate Size

We will resize the certificate for you if you select a size that is either too small or large. We will, of course, let you know the size when we send a proof.

Rough Size Guidelines

  • 9" x 12": 2-4 lines
  • 11" x 14": 2-15 lines
  • 16" x 20": 20-50 lines
  • 20" x 30": 75-125 lines
  • 24" x 36": 175+ lines
Font Browser
  • Aldus Roman Sample
    Font: Aldus Roman
  • Bodoni Sample
    Font: Bodoni
  • Chiseled Sample
    Font: Chiseled
  • Copperplate Sample
    Font: Copperplate
  • Elan Sample
    Font: Elan
  • Engravers Sample
    Font: Engravers
  • Garamond Sample
    Font: Garamond
  • Imperial Sample
    Font: Imperial
  • Imprint Sample
    Font: Imprint
  • Maiola Sample
    Font: Maiola
  • Sackers Solid Sample
    Font: Sackers Solid
  • Serlio Sample
    Font: Serlio
  • Times Headline Sample
    Font: Times Headline
  • University Roman Sample
    Font: University Roman
  • Yana Sample
    Font: Yana
  • Baker Signet Sample
    Font: Baker Signet
  • Brownstone Sample
    Font: Brownstone
  • Century Gothic Sample
    Font: Century Gothic
  • Editor Sample
    Font: Editor
  • Grover Sample
    Font: Grover
  • Helvetica Neue Sample
    Font: Helvetica Neue
  • Londonderry Sample
    Font: Londonderry
  • Proxima Nova Sample
    Font: Proxima Nova
  • Uptown Diner Sample
    Font: Uptown Diner
  • Adios Sample
    Font: Adios
  • Adore Sample
    Font: Adore
  • Bailly Sample
    Font: Bailly
  • Bickham Sample
    Font: Bickham
  • Burgues Sample
    Font: Burgues
  • Chopin Sample
    Font: Chopin
  • Citadel Sample
    Font: Citadel
  • Compendium Sample
    Font: Compendium
  • Edwardian Sample
    Font: Edwardian
  • Elegance Sample
    Font: Elegance
  • Feel Sample
    Font: Feel
  • Helinda Rook Sample
    Font: Helinda Rook
  • Majestic Sample
    Font: Majestic
  • Monte Carlo Sample
    Font: Monte Carlo
  • Old Script Sample
    Font: Old Script
  • Poem Sample
    Font: Poem
  • Sloop Sample
    Font: Sloop
  • Snell Sample
    Font: Snell
  • Splendid Sample
    Font: Splendid
  • Typo Upright Sample
    Font: Typo Upright
  • Yves Sample
    Font: Yves
  • Bustamalaka Sample
    Font: Bustamalaka
  • Ephesis Sample
    Font: Ephesis
  • Montague Script Sample
    Font: Montague Script
  • Nuptial Sample
    Font: Nuptial
  • Patriot Sample
    Font: Patriot
  • Petra Sample
    Font: Petra
  • Silverwood Swash Sample
    Font: Silverwood Swash
  • Zapfino Sample
    Font: Zapfino
  • Avalon Sample
    Font: Avalon
  • Carmine Tango Sample
    Font: Carmine Tango
  • Chancellor Sample
    Font: Chancellor
  • Garamond Swash Sample
    Font: Garamond Swash
  • Kozmetica Sample
    Font: Kozmetica
  • Ministry Sample
    Font: Ministry
  • Miss Le Gatees Sample
    Font: Miss Le Gatees
  • Monsieur La Doulaise Sample
    Font: Monsieur La Doulaise
  • Ruzicka Freehand Sample
    Font: Ruzicka Freehand
  • Scriptina Sample
    Font: Scriptina
  • Penshurst Sample
    Font: Penshurst
  • Dauphin Sample
    Font: Dauphin
  • Scythe Sample
    Font: Scythe
  • Stonehenge Sample
    Font: Stonehenge
Font and Design Colors

Select up to three colors to use in your design. We will use our best judgement when we send the initial proof regarding the placement of each color, and then you can request to have us make changes if necessary.

Select Your Border Style
Guest List
Add Wedding Party (optional)

Add the wedding party to the upper left and right corners of the seating chart.

List of Wedding Party Members
Add Reception Menu (optional)

You can optionally add a menu to the seating chart. We will generally place it in the center column of the seating chart.

Menu Information
Program Interior Style
Selecting two styles below to help us design your program.
About Our Papers

At Documents and Designs, we use some of the finest papers we have found for your special event needs.

SHINE Shimmering Metallics (92#-107# Cover)
…from Reich Papers in Italy is used on all of our products with the exception of Seating Charts and Certificates (see below). It features a luminous, pearlescent, eye-catching shimmer that will captivate your guests. With weights ranging from 92# to 107# Cover (as noted), there will be no "bleed-through" of the inks from front-to-back, and no issues with the paper standing on its own for our tented products.
Read more about SHINE at Reich Paper's website here.

Somerset® Textured (300gsm, ~140# Cover)
…from St. Cuthbert's Mill in England is the paper use on our Seating Charts and Certificates. It is an extremely heavy-weight (300gsm), 100% cotton watercolor paper, featuring a slight texture. Furthermore, the paper is acid-free and archival, meaning it will last for hundreds of years and won't discolour or fall apart (in proper conditions).
Read more about Somerset® Printmaking Paper here.


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