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Explore wedding menu card ideas and create a personalized wedding reception menu, rehearsal dinner menu or dinner party menu. Our wedding menu cards and dinner party menus are inspired by world cultures, ethnic traditions, travel, art, photography, hobbies, quotes, poetry and religious symbols.

Menu cards are a small detail where one can find a great opportunity for personal expression and creativity.

Our wedding and dinner party menus incorporate monograms that can be used in different variations throughout an entire suite of products. We offer an extensive collection of cultural symbols and illustrations that speak to one's heritage and beliefs. Our love of nature has inspired menu designs that use illustrations such as birds, fish, flowers, fruit and snowflakes. A strong foundation in old school typography has inspired menu card designs that use font combinations and flourishes that reflect old and classic styles. We also value designs that have a timeless and traditional appeal, designs that endure trends that come and go, such as our simple border and vintage monogram styles.

Documents and Designs Menu Cards are One Of A Kind, Custom & Personalized.

Every menu card is designed per the customers specifications means that you can choose paper colors, custom monograms, illustrations, layouts and fonts that coordinate with a celebration theme or decor. A Menu card can reflect the style and theme of an event, whether it be formal or casual.


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Vintage Monogram Wedding Menu Cards Traditional Wedding Menu Cards Fancy Wedding Menu Cards Monogram Wedding Menu Cards

Modern Vintage

Vintage monograms that reflect old world typography styles with a contemporary and whimsical twist, incorporating religious and cultural symbols into the designs.

Vintage Graphics
for Menu Cards:

Vintage Monograms

Contemporary & Classic

Choose from our collection of simple borders in colors that will coordinate with the your wedding theme and color palette.

Border Designs

Choose from our collection of decorative borders in colors that will coordinate with the your wedding theme and color palette.

Create a Custom Monogram

Create menu cards using your own monogram as the primary design element. Explore our comprehensive monogram directory and add any of these monogram designs to your menu cards.

Custom Monogram Designs
for Menu Cards:

Monograms By Font
Classic Monograms
Contemporary Monograms

Fancy Wedding Menu Cards Cultural Wedding Menu Card Flower Graphic Wedding Menus Gardening Theme Wedding Menu Card

Flourish Monogram

Victorian flourishes and ornate swirls are fanciful designs that elegantly curve like the brush stroke in hand calligraphy.

Flourish Graphics
for Menu Cards:

Flourish Monograms
Decorative Flourishes
Decorative Frames

International Monogram

Monogram designs that use cultures symbols and styles.

Flowers & Botanical

Floral graphics and botanical paintings.

Flower Graphics
for Menu Cards:

Flower Graphics
Orchid Graphics
Roses Graphics
Herb Graphics

Garden Themed

Gardening, farm graphics and botanical illustrations.

Gardening Graphics
for Menu Cards:

Botanical Monograms

Grapes Vineyard Wedding Menu Card Fall Wedding Menus Autumn Leaves Beach & Destination Wedding Menu Card Fish Ocean Theme Wedding Menu Card

Fruit & Vineyard

Fruit and grape themed graphics and paintings to coordinate with a wine themed celebration or wedding at an orchard or vineyard.

Fruit & Vineyard Graphics
for Menu Cards:

Fruit & Grapes

Autumn Leaves

Fall leaves and autumn flower graphics. Autumn themed illustrations include colorful leaves in swirly, wispy and traditional patterns.

Autumn Leaves Graphics
for Menu Cards:

Colorful Leaves
Swirly Leaves
Twisty Leaves
Wispy Leaves
Leaf Patterns
Leaf Flourishes

Sea Shell & Beach

Beach, tropical and destination wedding themes using seashell, palm tree and tropical graphics.

Sea Shell Graphics
for Menu Cards:

Sea Shells
Sea Shell Patterns
Seashell Flourishes

Fish & Sea Life

Ocean themed graphics including fish illustrations, sea life paintings and aquatic themed graphics. Designs for avid sportsmen, fishermen, seaside weddings or events at an aquarium.

Fish & Sea-Life Graphics
for Menu Cards:

Freshwater Fish
Saltwater Fish
Tropical Fish
Sea Creatures
Sea Creature Patterns
Wavy Sea Creatures

Birds Theme Wedding Menu Card Butterfly Wedding Menu Cards Photo Wedding Menus Snowflake Wedding Menu Cards

Bird & Animal

Bird and animal graphics to compliment outdoor events such as farm and garden weddings. Bird and animal symbolism also plays a part in many cultures and religions.

Bird & Animal Graphics
for Menu Cards:

Bird Paintings
Bird Drawing

Butterfly & Insect

Butterfly illustrations and whimsical insect graphics for a butterfly themed events. Unique illustrations for nature lovers, garden weddings and special events at museums and galleries.

Butterfly Graphics
for Menu Cards:

Butterfly Paintings
Butterfly Drawings


Add a single photo or series of engagement photos to a reception table cards. Customize cards with a complimentary monogram and border.

Snowflakes & Holiday

A collection of snowflake graphics for Christmas and winter themed events.

Snowflake Graphics
for Menu Cards:

Snowflake Patterns
Snowflake Drawings

Christian Wedding Menu Cards Celtic Wedding Menu Cards Indian Wedding Menu Cards Jewish Wedding Menu Cards

Christian Religious Symbols

Explore Christian cross designs for menu cards.

Christian Symbols
for Menu Cards:

Cross Symbols

Celtic Inspired

Celtic symbols and themes which include Celtic knots, claddaghs and Irish monogram designs with harp and thistle graphics.

Celtic Symbols
for Menu Cards:

Celtic Symbols
Celtic Monograms

Indian Inspired

India inspired illustrations such as paisley, peacocks, ganesha and enlightenment symbols.

Indian Symbols
for Menu Cards:

India Inspired Symbols
Buddhist Symbols
India Inspired Monograms
Chinese Inspired Monograms
Japanese Inspired Monograms

Jewish Inspired

Jewish illustrations which include the Jewish star, hamsa hand, map of Israel, Jewish symbols and patterns.

Jewish Symbols
for Menu Cards:

Jewish Symbols



All of our menu cards are 100% customizable. Free proofs, free monogram designs, custom sizes, fonts and colors are included with every menu card order. Coordinated products are available to match any style. Menu cards are printed on heavy-weight Strathmore paper. They are available in CARD or TENTED styles in a variety of sizes.



Need menu cards this weekend? Please complete the order form and give us a call at (518) 668-4334 to review the details of your order.


After an order is submitted we will create a free custom proof of your menu card and any matching products that were requested. The proof will be sent to the e-mail address that was indicated on the order form usually within a day. Please review the proof and respond with any changes that you would like to see. The free proofing process will continue until you are happy with the order, wherein after payment is submitted we will print and ship the order in a timely manner.

Menu Card STYLES

If ordering card style or restaurant style menus, you should provide each guest with a menu. People usually fold the menu card into a napkin and place it on the plate at their table. If you decide to use tented menus, you will use one or two per table, depending on how large your tables are. 

CARD Style Menu Cards are the most common. They are flat cards, with printing on one side.

TENTED Style Menu Cards will have a fold at the top of the menu. They are printed on both sides, and will stand on the table on their own. 
Tented menus are used most frequently as cocktail or bar menus. 

Restaurant Style Menus are menus with a cover page that usually has the bride and groom's name, the reception location, the date, and a monogram. The menu is folded, and when you open it up, the menu items will be displayed on the right side. 

Cocktail/Drink Menus
 are also available in any size and style.