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Create a Custom Wedding Marriage Certificate or Wedding Vows Certificate

Create a custom wedding certificate with your vows, a favorite verse and celebration essentials. Explore our exclusive collection of Custom Wedding Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Anniversary Certificates, Baptism and Christening Certificates and Birth Certificates. A wedding vows certificate is a heirloom keepsake and unique wedding ceremony tradition. Explore custom certificate ideas and create a personalized certificate that coordinates with a wedding theme or special event.

Our wedding certificates are inspired by world cultures, ethnic traditions, travel, art, photography, hobbies, quotes, poetry and religious symbols. They are one of a kind works of art that are timeless family heirlooms. A custom wedding certificate can include a couple's wedding vows, love and marriage poetry or any meaningful verse as well as essential information such as names, date and location of the event. Anniversary, Baptism and Christening Certificates and Award Certificates are similar and can be customized using any of the design elements that Documents and Designs offers.


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Vintage_Wedding_Certificate Traditional_Marriage_Wedding_Certificate Quaker Traditional Religious Wedding Certificates Wedding Marriage Certificate - Traditional Monogram

Modern Vintage

A collection of certificates that use Vintage monograms and graphics that reflect old world typography styles with a contemporary and whimsical twist, incorporating religious and cultural symbols into the designs.

Vintage Graphics
for Certificates:

Vintage Monograms

Contemporary & Classic

Choose from our collection of traditional only-calligraphy designs which use different font combinations, decorative and simple borders and flourishes as the primary design elements.

Culture & Religion

Choose from our collection certificates that use traditional verses and graphics from the world's religions. Documents and Certificates can be created for traditional Quaker, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and other ceremonies. Explore our collection of Vows and Verses for prose suggestions.

Create a Custom Monogram

Create certificates using your own monogram as the primary design element. Explore our comprehensive monogram directory.

Custom Monograms
for Certificates:

Monograms By Font
Classic Monograms
Contemporary Monograms

Marriage_Certificate_with_Grapes Marriage_Certificate_for_Fall_Wedding Marriage_Certificate_for_Beach_Wedding Marriage Certificate for Wedding by the Ocean

Fruit & Vineyard

Fruit and grape themed graphics and paintings to coordinate with a wine themed celebration or wedding at an orchard or vineyard.

Fruit & Vineyard Graphics
for Certificates:

Fruit & Grapes

Autumn Leaves

Fall leaves and autumn flower graphics. Autumn themed illustrations include colorful leaves in swirly, wispy and traditional patterns.

Leaf Graphics
for Certificates:

Colorful Leaves
Swirly Leaves
Twisty Leaves
Wispy Leaves
Leaf Patterns
Leaf Flourishes

Sea Shell & Beach

Fish & Sea Life

Ocean themed graphics including fish illustrations, sea life paintings and aquatic themed graphics. Designs for avid sportsmen, fishermen, seaside weddings or events at an aquarium.

Fish & Sea Life Graphics
for Certificates:

Freshwater Fish
Saltwater Fish
Tropical Fish
Sea Creatures
Sea Creature Patterns
Wavy Sea Creatures

Marriage Certificate with Birds Nature Marriage Certificate Pretty_Marriage_Certificate Marriage Certificate with Snowflakes

Bird & Animal

Bird and animal graphics to compliment outdoor events such as farm and garden weddings. Bird and animal symbolism also plays a part in many cultures and religions.

Bird & Animal Graphics
for Certificates:

Bird Paintings
Bird Drawing

Butterfly & Insect

Butterfly illustrations and whimsical insect graphics for a butterfly themed events. Unique illustrations for nature lovers, garden weddings and special events at museums and galleries.

Butterfly Graphics
for Certificates:

Butterfly Paintings
Butterfly Drawings

Flowers & Botanical

Floral graphics and botanical paintings from classic Victorian styles to contemporary themes that include orchids, roses, herbs and garden flower varieties.

Flower Graphics
for Certificates:

Flower Graphics
Orchid Graphics
Roses Graphics
Herb Graphics

Snowflakes & Holiday

A collection of snowflake graphics for Christmas and winter themed events.

Snowflake Graphics
for Certificates:

Snowflake Patterns
Snowflake Drawings

Fancy_Marriage_Certificate Phoenix Dragon Double Happiness Chinese, Japanese, and Eastern Inspired Wedding Certificates Kinte Africa-Inspired Wedding Certificates

Indian Inspired

India inspired illustrations such as paisley, peacocks, ganesha and enlightenment symbols.

Indian Graphics
for Certificates:

India Inspired Symbols
Buddhist Symbols
India Inspired Monograms
Chinese Inspired Monograms
Japanese Inspired Monograms

Celtic Inspired

Celtic symbols and themes which include Celtic knots, claddaghs and Irish monogram designs with harp and thistle graphics.

Celtic Graphics
for Certificates:

Celtic Symbols
Celtic Monograms

Far East Inspired

Symbols and illustrations from the Far East which include double happiness, dragons, cranes, phoenix and calligraphy.

Far Eastern Graphics
for Certificates:

Chinese Symbols
Chinese Monograms
Japanese Symbols
Japanese Monograms

African Inspired

Explore African themes which include adinkra symbols and African kente patterns.

African Graphics
for Certificates

African Symbols



Wedding Certificate with Photo

Anniversary Certificates

Certificates to commemorate Anniversary celebrations. Unique gift idea for 25th Anniversary and 50th Anniversary events.

Award Certificates

Custom Award Certificates printed on high quality papers to honor service, loyalty and achievement.


Birth & Christening Certificates

Custom Birth and Christening certificates to celebrate the birth of a child or commemorate a Baptism or Christening. Certificates are a unique gift idea.


Add a single photo or series of engagement photos to a certificate to create a timeless keepsake.

CUSTOMIZATION for Wedding Certificates

The Wedding vows certificate and wedding vows document are 100% customizable. Free proofs, free monogram designs, custom sizes, fonts and colors are included with every order. Coordinated products are available to match any custom certificate style. All certificates are printed on a heavy-weight, acid-free Somerset watercolor paper with archival inks. Certificates are available in a variety of sizes.


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Wedding Traditions
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Need a wedding or special event certificate this weekend? Please complete the order form and give us a call at (518) 668-4334 to review the details of your order.

PROOFING Certificates

After an order is submitted we will create a free custom proof of your documents or certificate and any matching products that were requested. The proof will be sent to the e-mail address that was indicated on the order form usually within a day. Please review the proof and respond with any changes that you would like to see. The free proofing process will continue until you are happy with the order, wherein after payment is submitted we will print and ship the order in a timely manner.


Shop One Of A Kind, Custom Keepsake Certificates and Wedding Vows Documents created to Honor Special Events. 

We are DIFFERENT! No "cookie cutter" certificate designs at Documents and Designs. Every certificate is original and designed per the customers specifications means that you can choose paper colors, custom monograms, illustrations, layouts and fonts that coordinate with a celebration theme or decor. Our custom wedding documents and wedding certificates can be designed in traditional and contemporary styles. Our intuitive ordering process allows for complete customization with free Online proofs. Wedding Certificates and Quaker Wedding Documents are printed with archival inks on acid free watercolor paper. 

Wedding Documents and Certificates are finding their way into mainstream American culture and many couples of all faiths, borrowing from a tradition rooted in Jewish, Persian and Quaker customs are asking artists to record their marriage vows. Although, in some instances, these  keepsake certificate may have little legal significance, couples who commission them consider them heirloom works of art and hang them in honored places in their home.

Documents can be used in lieu of a Guest Book. Guest book certificates are traditional for many cultures, in fact, Documents and Designs was originally founded on making traditional hand painted Quaker wedding documents in Bucks Country Pennsylvania. Wedding guests sign the wedding document as witness to the sacred union of husband and wife.